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Why use Go Text Talk? Click 'More' to discover how we differ from other companies

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Why use Go Text Talk? Click 'More' to discover how we differ from other companies

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Why use Go Text Talk? Click 'More' to discover how we differ from other companies

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Go Text Talk is a text message marketing and communications solutions company that was founded by Mark Little. In 1998, Mr. Little founded a commercial finance consulting business, called Diversified Funding Services, that specializes in accounts receivable factoring divfunding.com.

After years of success in the factoring industry, the same principles are being applied to introducing text message marketing and communications to enhance small business revenue. Text messaging is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, but most are unaware of its potential.

As a business owner, you would create a promotional marketing campaign that will give your customers or prospects a tangibile benefit. For example, if you had a restaurant you could offer 10% off entrees on Thursdays between 12pm and 4pm or buy one dinner get the other at half price. The type of promotional marketing will depend on your industry, but is limited only by your imagination and an understanding of your customer base.

Once the idea for the promotion is created, you can advertise either internally with a sign at the register or externally on your web site, flyer, or print ad exactly what the benefit is and how to sign up. For example, you could have the customer text "Pizza Lunch" (keyword + sub-keyword) to "12345" (5-digit short code). The customer instantly receives a confirmation text message and now a member of your database. At certain intervals you can send out new promotions to customers and watch as they come in and show their mobile devices with your text message to redeem the special promotion. For more information on How It Works, check out our overview page.

Why text message marketing instead of email marketing? Remember how it was in 1996 and e-mail was the newest and most innovative way to communicate and market to customers with a call to action in the email message? Now we are all too familiar with SPAM which has made e-mail marketing a less than optimal way to stay in touch with existing clients and reach out to prospects. Now through the use of "short codes" and associated "keywords" businesses and organizations can create a spam free opt-in database of subscribers. Text message marketing has an average of 98% open rate vs the 2 - 10% average for an email. Go Text Talk provides its clients with access to cutting edge technology and innovative ways to manage and market to their opt-in databases.

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